Google and Dell Unveil Chromebook 13 for the Workplace

Business users already had the option of Chromebooks aimed specifically at them -- in particular, the high-end, $999-and-up Pixel -- but now they have a more affordable option from Dell and Google: the Chromebook 13, which starts at the far more affordable price of $399. Launched yesterday, the Chromebook 13 is being described as the "first premium professional Chromebook."

Introduced by Google in 2011, the Chrome OS-based Chromebooks are designed to run primarily on the Internet and the cloud. Thanks to their comparatively easy set up compared to conventional desktops and laptops, Chromebooks have been rapidly adopted in the education market, but they have not had as much buy-in from the business world.

Google and Dell are hoping to change that with the launch of the Chromebook 13, which features a number of new capabilities designed to make it "play well with others," according to Google. That includes more support for online file storage, connections to local printers and integration with Microsoft infrastructure.

For 'Business Undergoing Transformation'

The Chromebook 13 is designed for "businesses undergoing transformation, shifting to the cloud and rethinking how mobile and devices play into this transformation," according to a blog post by Saswat Panigrahi and Raghu Yarlagadda, Google's product managers for Chromebooks for Work. Companies like Netflix, Sanmina and Starbucks have already adopted Chromebooks for their "ease of deployment, security and ability to integrate well with existing technologies," they noted.

In addition to being easy to integrate into wider device ecosystems, the Chromebook 13 is also aimed at enterprise users who need to work on the go, said Kirk Schell, Dell's vice president and general manager for commercial client solutions.

Built with Intel Celeron Core i3 and i5 processors, the 13.3-inch Chromebook 13 features a touchscreen display, carbon fiber cover, backlit keyboard and Corning Gorilla Glass trackpad. It offers...

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