Google and BlackBerry Team on Android for the Enterprise

When it comes to unexpected partnerships, a BlackBerry-Android mashup is surely at the top of the list. But Google and BlackBerry have announced they will be joining forces to create a version of the Android system designed for enterprise applications.

The collaboration will feature mobile devices powered by the Android 5.0 Lollipop OS (pictured on left), but with the enterprise security features included in BlackBerryEUs BES12 system (pictured on right).

The combination of BlackBerryEUs secure enterprise framework with the worldEUs most popular mobile operating system could be a match made in heaven for enterprise users. They would get access to the smartphone functionality common in consumer-grade smartphones. IT departments, meanwhile, would get the enterprise security features that have made BlackBerry popular with organizations in more security conscious sectors.

Security Meets Functionality

Among the security features BlackBerry will bring to the Android ecosystem is the ability to manage a dedicated work profile, hardware-based full disk encryption, and sharing restrictions to ensure business data such as calendars, contacts, files, and apps, are kept separate from malware while keeping personal information private.

Beyond BlackBerryEUs existing security features and AndroidEUs functionality, the co-venture will also introduce new features that will allow organizations to secure enterprise and personal data on Android devices, set new levels of hardware-based encryption, and integrate with Google Play for Work for increased application management.

Google and BlackBerry are promising users all the business apps they need from Google Play for Work, along with the ability for IT departments to create apps quickly using the Android app framework. The new devices also promise seamless integration with existing IT systems.

The companies are also aiming at IT departments with an enterprise mobility management (EMM) framework provided by BlackBerry. That framework will give clients control of work-related policies, profiles, and data, allowing them to push apps to...

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