Google AMP To Drive Faster Mobile Web Early Next Year

Get ready, Google is about to launch its strategy to amp up the mobile Web. Known as the AMP -- which stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages -- the open source initiative to make the mobile Web run faster is launching in late February 2016, the company said yesterday.

How fast is it? Pinterest is already testing publisher AMP pages on its Android and iOS apps and is reporting that these accelerated pages are loading four times faster while using eight times less data than traditional mobile-optimized pages.

In early 2016, Twitter will start experimenting with linking to AMP content that publishers will provide, Google said. On top of all this, messaging providers seem ready to jump on board. Popular apps like Viber, LINE, and Tango will also link to AMP content early next year.

?EU?CMS and analytics providers are critical players in the AMP ecosystem and have stepped up with fantastic support for the initiative. WordPress will support all publishers that wish to enable AMP pages beginning in January,?EU? Richard Gingras, head of news at Google, said in a blog post. ?EU?From the world of analytics, comScore, Chartbeat, Google Analytics, and will have AMP support in their tools by late February.?EU?

Plenty of Ad Support

Google also offered updates on four key areas of the AMP project -- advertising, analytics, subscriptions and content format innovation -- and pointed to new publishers planning to come on board, including Fox News in the U.S. In addition, LinkedIn intends to support AMP in early 2016.

On the advertising front, the initial roadmap has five goals: resizable ads; faster ads; ads with view ability support; and ads that can integrate with sponsored content providers and data management providers.

?EU?While these new capabilities are being implemented in AMP, publishers and ad tech partners are working in parallel to implement and test...

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