Google Adds New Snooze Options to Inbox E-Mail App

Tech giant Google is rolling out two new snooze options to its Inbox by Gmail e-mail app: "Later this week" and "This weekend." Designed to improve the time-saving benefits of Inbox, the latest features are based on feedback from users, according to Google.

The "highly-requested" snooze options should reduce users' need to use the custom snooze feature, software engineer Michael Landry wrote Friday in a blog post. The "Later this week" feature will let users set e-mails to show up again later in the week, according to Google.

Additionally, just like users can set their preferred morning times to receive e-mails, they can now choose the weekend days that work best for them. This is "especially useful" for people who live in parts of the world that observe weekends other than the usual Saturday-Sunday combination, he said.

The new snooze features will become available to users over the coming week, Landry said. He added that Google will continue to look for new ways to improve Inbox based on comments from users.

'Years in the Making'

Google first announced Inbox in October 2014, describing it as a new kind of e-mail -- and an alternative to Gmail -- focused on efficiency and productivity.

"For many of us, dealing with e-mail has become a daily chore that distracts from what we really need to do -- rather than helping us get those things done," Google CEO Sundar Pichai, who was then in charge of Android, Chrome and Apps, wrote in his introduction to Inbox. "If this all sounds familiar, then Inbox is for you. Or more accurately, Inbox works for you."

Inbox was "years in the making," and was designed with a number of features aimed at making e-mail use quicker and easier, Pichal said. For example, it can bundle together similar types of...

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