Gmail for Android Update Offers Unified Inbox

Google now has a way for Android device owners to check incoming messages from all their different e-mail accounts in one place. Its solution lies with an update that lets users manage multiple e-mail addresses -- Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and any other IMAP or POP accounts -- all through their Google Gmail accounts.

Rolling out starting Tuesday and over the next few days, the new app for Gmail will be available via the Google Play Store. The update will let users choose an "All Inboxes" option to view incoming messages from multiple accounts through a single interface on their Android Gmail app.

Another new feature, conversation view, will make it possible to see an at-a-glance thread of all the messages exchanged during a single back-and-forth e-mail discussion. The updated Gmail app will also provide an improved auto-complete function for easier, faster searching of e-mail messages.

Easier E-mail Viewing on the Go

People maintain multiple e-mail addresses for a variety of reasons, noted Software Engineer Régis Décamps on Google's Official Gmail blog. Some people, for example, might use one address for managing their businesses and a different address for communicating with family members. Students, too, might use several other addresses in addition to their primary school accounts to communicate with members of a campus organization or stay in touch with readers of their blogs.

"However many e-mail addresses you have, today's improvements to the Gmail app for Android make it easy to manage all your mail from all your accounts (yes, even @yahoo and @outlook) while you're on the go," Décamps said. The "All Inboxes" option, for instance, lets users read and respond to messages without having to hop between accounts, he noted.

The update also gives non-Gmail accounts the same threaded-conversation treatment currently available to Gmail users, making it possible to view...

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