Glitch Caused Apple To Undercount Apple News Usage

Since debuting is Apple News app in September, Apple has inadvertently been undercounting the number of readers using the app. An internal glitch caused the company to miscalculate the number of people using the service.

Apple disclosed to the Wall Street Journal that it didn?EU?t pick up on the glitch that led to the inaccurate reader tallies because it was focused on other aspects of the product. Apple didn?EU?t explain how the problem occurred or when and how it might be fixed.

"We?EU?re in the process of fixing that now, but our numbers are lower than reality," Eddy Cue, Apple?EU?s senior vice president of Internet Software and Services, told the Wall Street Journal in a statement yesterday. "We don?EU?t know what the right number is." However, he noted that it was better to undercount traffic than overcount it.

The app has attracted dozens of publishing partners throughout the world that are hoping to take advantage of the increasing consumption of news via mobile devices. According to Apple, 40 million people have used its News app. Apple has not specified whether that number represents people who use the Apple News app on a regular basis or if it is the number of people who have accessed the app at any point.

Key for Ad Sales

Apple has teamed with more than 100 publications for Apple News, including The New York Times, CNN, ESPN, The Atlantic, Slate and The Daily Mail. Accurate readership counts are crucial for publishers because that?EU?s what they generally base their advertising rates on.

Publishers who share content on Apple News are entitled to all of the proceeds from ads sold on their own, or 70 percent from ads sold via the Apple iAd service. Apple said that iAd has been so popular with publishers that Apple will be expanding the platform...

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