Gartner’s 5 Reasons for a Modern Data Center Strategy

It's all about the data. That's the conclusion of research firm Gartner Inc. in its new report, "Five Reasons Why You Need a Different Data Center Strategy for the Digital World." in the report, Gartner argues that businesses must rethink "the personality, structure, and role of data centers."

"For over 40 years, data centers have pretty much been a staple of the IT ecosystem," said Rakesh Kumar, managing vice president at Gartner, in a published statement. "[The] basic function and core requirements [of data centers] have, by and large, remained constant. These are centered on high levels of availability and redundancy, strong, well-documented processes to manage change, traditional vendor management and segmented organizational structures. This approach, however, is no longer appropriate for the digital world."

We reached out to Gartner for further comment but were referred to the company's published statement.

2 Major Trends Colliding

Gartner bases its call for a new data center paradigm on the collision of two trends: the "Nexus of Forces" and the "Internet of Things."

A concept developed by Gartner, the Nexus of Forces is the "convergence and mutual reinforcement of social, mobility, cloud and information patterns that drive new business scenarios." Collectively, these forces are having a disruptive effect on virtually every business. At the core of the disruption is the data generated by a mobile customer base that demands real-time analysis and differentiated (i.e., personalized) service.

Gartner did not invent the phrase "Internet of Things"; credit for that goes to British technology pioneer Kevin Ashton, who coined the term in 1999. Nonetheless, like most research firms, Gartner is deeply interested in the Internet of Things because of the vast quantities of data that will be generated by a highly-interconnected world. Gartner predicts that "[b]y 2020, more than seven billion people and businesses, and close to 35 billion devices, will...

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