Galaxy S6 Video Teases Metallic-Edged Handset

The teaser tweets and videos for Samsung's soon-to-be-released Galaxy S6 offer Zen koan-like messages that provide few answers about the new phone's looks and capabilities. However, a video rendering by two designers who used details from every leak they could find reveals a sleek, metallic-edged handset that can be wirelessly charged.

Using the hashtag #TheNextGalaxy, Samsung has Tweeted several images and videos over the past few days with cryptic messages like, "I'm not just inspired by what I see, I am crafted from what I see" and "The faster I am, the more that gets done. And the more time I can give to others." Many of the Tweets also feature a shiny lightning image that conjures up the mark of Zorro.

Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy S6 at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on March 1. It's the same venue where the company launched the Samsung Galaxy S5 in 2014.

Sneak Peeks at 'Project Zero'

For all the hype surrounding the impending S6 launch, two video designers -- Ivo Maric and Jermaine Smit -- might have stolen some of Samsung's thunder. The pair Friday published a 1-minute, 57-second video rendering of what the new phone is likely to look like, and even how it might be wirelessly charged.

Forbes reports the video is based on a variety of information leaks about the Samsung Galaxy S6. The French Web site has in recent weeks published several posts purporting to reveal leaked details -- including schematics -- about the device's dimensions, design, body materials and battery.

Maric's and Smit's video "reveals the radical new direction Samsung will take" with both the Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge, wrote Forbes contributor Gordon Kelly. "Having suffered deeply disappointing Galaxy S5 sales, the Galaxy S6 (developed under the codename 'Project Zero') is...

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