Foreign Agents Hack Kaspersky Security Firm

In a strange twist of fate, Kasperky Labs has been attacked by hackers. The company, which is one of the worldEUs largest software security outfits, said Wednesday that the breach was both sophisticated and stealthy, implying that the hackers were working on behalf of a national government.

Kaspersky has dubbed the attack Duqu 2.0, noting several similarities to the original Duqu attack. Duqu is a collection of malware discovered in September 2011 and thought to be related to the Stuxnet worm. Kaspersky also said that the attack made use of several zero-day vulnerabilities to penetrate its internal networks

Nevertheless, Kaspersky said that none of its products or services has been compromised as a result of the breach nor have the attackers gained access to its customer database.

Sophisticated and Stealthy

The company was fortunate to have discovered the attack at all, given the sophistication and cost of development that must have gone into it. EUWe found something really big here,EU Eugene Kaspersky (pictured above), owner of Kaspersky Labs, said in a blog post. EUThe thinking behind it is a generation ahead of anything weEUd seen earlier -- it uses a number of tricks that make it really difficult to detect and neutralize. It looks like the people behind Duqu 2.0 were fully confident it would be impossible to have their clandestine activity exposed.EU

The hackers were primarily interested in stealing proprietary information pertaining to the companyEUs security technology, according to Kaspersky. They were also apparently interested in its ongoing investigations, detection methods, and analytical capabilities. EUAttacking us was hardly the smart move: theyEUve now lost a very expensive technologically-advanced framework theyEUd been developing for years,EU Kaspersky said.

Spying on Iran Negotiations

Kaspersky said it has discovered that the group behind the attack has also spied on several other prominent targets, including participants in the...

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