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Way to bait and switch, Ford.


One of the standout features of Ford's new Bronco, when it debuted, was the wild-looking "doughnut doors" that were on the two-door concept version. These body-colored beauties were something of a cross between a tube door and the doors on the McLaren Senna, and they got people excited -- us included.

Unfortunately, Ford confirmed to CarBuzz on Monday that the donut doors wouldn't be making the leap to the production Bronco. Why? Safety, natch. If these doors came bolted to the vehicle straight from Ford, they'd be subject to stringent Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards regarding side impacts. As you'd imagine, having a big hole in the door would likely make for quite a compromise in that department.

So, what kind of doors can you get for your Bronco? Well, the good news is that there is, in fact, a choice. You can stick with your regular, solid doors as fitted from the factory, or you can purchase official Ford accessory tube doors, which, if fitted by a dealer, aren't subject to the side-impact crash standards. Hooray for loopholes, I guess? There is also the option to run totally doorless; something Jeep owners have been doing for eons.

Even though the doughnut doors aren't going to make it into production, plenty of other things from the concepts are. You can see which ones by going and playing with the Bronco configurator, which is now both live and functional. If you're curious to see how we Roadshowzen would spec our Broncos, keep an eye out because that story is coming soon.

Ford didn't immediately respond to Roadshow's request for comment.

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