Forcepoint Predicts 2018 Security Threats and Privacy Wars

Cybersecurity is at the forefront of concerns for CIOs and enterprise I.T. professionals, and being able to predict the next round of threats is critical to success. Looking forward to the year ahead, security experts at Forcepoint have published their "2018 Security Predictions Report," plus a look back at the accuracy of their 2017 predictions.

This year, along with other security concerns, Forcepoint predicts data privacy will be a growing source of contention. As organizations collect more and more personal data, and as breaches seem nearly impossible to stop, change is desperately needed. Businesses as well as government agencies simply need to do a better job of managing and safeguarding the data they collect.

The People Problem

Forcepoint says, "The security industry has been focusing on the wrong things. Traditional security perimeters are eroding or becoming obsolete, and so, rather than focus on building bigger walls, the industry needs better visibility." It is crucial to understand "how, when and why people interact with critical data, no matter where it is located."

Confounding the problem is that a growing quantity of data is being moved to the cloud. Malware is constantly evolving and traditional security measures simply are not keeping pace.

At the heart of Forcepoint's predictions for 2018 is the need to understand how people interact with critical data and intellectual property, according to Dr. Richard Ford, Chief Scientist at Forcepoint. "Users have the potential to unintentionally compromise their own systems in one minute."

"By placing cyber-behavior and intent at the center of security, the industry has a fighting chance of keeping up with the massive rate of change in the threat environment," Ford explained. "We know that data leakage and ransomware will continue to be the focus for remediation and prevention, but behavior-centric risks are now behind a multitude of security incidents," Ford continued.


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