FBI Speeds Up Investigation into Possible Clinton-Related Emails

The FBI accelerated its timeline for reviewing emails potentially linked to Hillary Clinton on Monday amid growing public pressure over the agency's surprise announcement that it had found them in an unrelated case.

Investigators had planned to conduct the review over several weeks but, after a torrent of criticism over the weekend, began scrambling to examine the trove of emails, according to law enforcement officials. The FBI hoped to complete a preliminary assessment in the coming days, but agency officials have not decided how, or whether, they will disclose the results of it publicly, and officials also could not say whether the entire review would be completed by election day.

The uncertainty did not stop Donald Trump from charging into the vacuum with ominous speculation that a Clinton [pictured above] victory would spark national upheaval. Clinton repeated that she was confident the FBI had no case against her and that voters had already made up their mind on her use of a private server while she was secretary of State.

Hundreds of thousands of emails were discovered in an unrelated investigation into whether former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner, the estranged husband of top Clinton aide Huma Abedin, violated federal laws while exchanging sexually explicit texts with a 15-year-old. Most of the emails were Weiner's, investigators say. Hundreds, perhaps thousands, belonged to Abedin, one official said.

FBI Director James B. Comey, a former Bush administration official appointed to run the bureau three years ago by President Obama, has come under heavy criticism from Democrats and Republicans alike for disclosing the investigation to Congress so close to the election.

Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, a Republican who heads the Judiciary Committee, demanded that Comey release more information about the review by Friday.

"While I disagree with those who suggest you should have kept the FBI's discovery secret until after...

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