Facebook Updates Search Feature To Include Public Posts

Google has ruled the Web search game almost as long as itEUs been in existence. But that could change, if Facebook has anything to say about it. The social media giant announced yesterday that is now indexing all of its two trillion posts. A search on a particular term or set of terms will return any post a user is allowed to see.

EUWhen something happens in the world, people often turn to Facebook to see how their friends and family are reacting,EU Tom Stocky, FacebookEUs vice president of Search, said in a blog post. Now, instead of searches being limited to just their families and friends, theyEUll be able to search all public posts.

Search Is 'Long-Term Effort'

The new functionality will offer users more personalized search suggestions as they type, similar to the way Google automatically offers search suggestions. But FacebookEUs Search function will place a premium on recent posts so that users can follow stories as they're unfolding. By focusing primarily on recent stories, Facebook seems to be positioning its search functionality to compete with Twitter as a way for users to scan the news.

Although not principally known as a search engine, Stocky said Facebook receives more than 1.5 billion search requests every day. And search functionality is EUan important, long-term effort at Facebook,EU he said, adding that search results will now be better organized to show what people are currently posting about trending topics.

But Stocky also pointed out that users will still be able to keep their posts private, either by making them completely private or only sharing them with certain contacts. EUYou can only see things that have been shared with you,EU he said. EULikewise, you control who can see your posts on Facebook and itEUs easy to change the audience of your past...

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