Facebook Unveils Measures To Promote Stronger Ties With News Industry

Facebook has unveiled measures to establish stronger ties between the social network and the news industry, allowing for collaboration on product development, new ways for publishers to make money, and training for newsrooms and readers.

The announcement of the Facebook Journalism Project comes in the wake of heightened scrutiny of the social network?EU?s role as a distributor of news, which saw the company accused of failing to tackle the spread of misinformation in the run-up to the US presidential election. At the same time, Facebook and Google are taking the lion?EU?s share of online advertising revenue while newsrooms cut costs and make lay-offs.

Many of the measures in the Facebook Journalism Project have been unveiled separately before, but the announcement highlights the company?EU?s commitment to the content news organizations provide.

?EU?We?EU?ve been working on this for a long time. Our media partners want a deeper engagement, not just at a business level, but a product/engineering level,?EU? said Fidji Simo, Facebook?EU?s director of product, who is leading the project.

She said the program is linked to the news feed values that Facebook announced in June 2016. In a blogpost, Facebook?EU?s VP of product management, Adam Mosseri, revealed the news feed?EU?s primary role was to show content from friends and family, but the other two roles are to inform and entertain.

Simo said: ?EU?We are making sure that journalism thrives as part of the ?EU?inform?EU? axis.?EU?

?EU?We are not a traditional media company and we are not a traditional tech company,?EU? she added, reiterating Mark Zuckerberg?EU?s words from late December. ?EU?We build technology that helps people connect and be informed. This means working well with the news industry.?EU?

The announcement comes the week after Facebook appointed former CNN anchor Campbell Brown to lead the news partnerships team.

Major news organizations already talk to Facebook?EU?s news partnerships team regularly, but now...

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