Facebook Unveils Hello Dialer App with Caller ID for Android

The latest app from Facebook -- called simply "Hello" -- is designed to make smartphones even smarter by showing Facebook profile data about the people who are calling. Currently being tested as a Facebook Creative Labs app, Hello is available via Google's Play Store only to Android users in the U.S., Brazil and Nigeria.

In addition to integrating with Facebook content, Hello also connects with the social networking company's Messenger app. That enables Hello users to make free, one-tap calls and send text messages with Facebook's mobile Messenger app.

As well as functioning as a visual caller ID, Hello lets users block unwanted calls, open Facebook profiles and pages with a single tap and search for Facebook contacts and places without having to leave the app. Hello users will be able to see only information that other Facebook users have already shared with them.

More Info for Billions of Daily Calls

Facebook describes Hello's features in a video that asks, "Your phone is great at doing so many things -- shouldn't it be great at being a phone, too?"

The new app is designed for the billions of mobile phone calls made daily that provide people with "very little information about who's calling them," according to a blog post by Facebook Product Manager Andrea Vaccari.

Before even answering a call, an Android phone owner who installs Hello can immediately see Facebook-shared details about a caller such as name, location and number of mutual friends, as well as, for example, whether today is that person's birthday. The in-app search feature also lets users find phone numbers, hours and other details for businesses with Facebook accounts, and allows them to call for directions or reservations straight from the app.

In addition to letting users block unwanted calls, Hello also enables automatic blocking of numbers that...

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