Facebook Turns 10, in Competitors’ Crosshairs

In just 10 years, Facebook has gone from a site intended for college students to a service with 1.23 billion users and hundreds of millions of people who visit it every day. Now, social networks are popping up on a consistent basis and some of them, like Twitter and Google+, pose a greater threat to Facebook than ever before.

Now that it has become such a major part of our lives, it is hard to imagine that Facebook was not around 10 years ago. While there were social network prior to Facebook, it was the first one to change the way that people of all ages connect with their friends and family. Throughout the past decade, Facebook has become a tool for revolutions and it has brought aboard the majority of people with Internet access

Slowing Down

As of 2012, there were only 2.4 billion people in the world who had access to the Internet. Taking this into account, it is not possible for Facebook to continue growing at the same rate as it used to and in that respect, a recent study put out by Princeton University researchers may be correct. In a paper, the researchers suggested that Facebook would lose 80 percent of its users by 2017 and they came to this conclusion by using the same models as those meant for the spread of viruses.

The researchers argued that with fewer people for Facebook to "infect" it will become harder for the social network to increase its total amount of users. There are countless errors in the paper, many of which have been pointed out since it was published, but the idea that Facebook's growth will slow down does appear to be true.

We asked Jeff Kagan, an independent industry analyst, for his opinion on Facebook and its future. He...

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