Facebook To Automatically Caption Video Ads

Social media giant Facebook is doing everything it can to tap into the video ad spending whirlwind, including adding new features to attract businesses to spend more money on its platform.

Facebook just announced automated captions for video ads that appear in mobile feeds. More reporting and buying options for video ads are also on the docket. And the 100 percent in-view buying option Facebook announced in September is now available globally.

"Captions will be able to communicate additional information without alienating viewers. However, it remains to be seen what that experience will be,?EU? Greg Sterling, vice president of strategy and insight at the Local Search Association, told us. ?EU?It's almost a certainty that tiny mobile banners will be phased out over time and replaced by video and larger native ads and other mobile ad formats.?EU?

No More Noisy Ads

That's almost certain, given U.S. digital video ad spending is set to reach nearly $15 billion by 2019, according to eMarketer. That?EU?s more than 16 percent of the total digital ad spending. Facebook has tapped into that flow, with market research firm Nielsen reporting that people consume content on Facebook faster on mobile than on desktop -- and mobile accounted for 50 percent of all online purchases during Black Friday weekend in 2015, according to ad serving firm Atlas Solutions.

Facebook reported people watch over 100 million hours of video on its platform every day and they remember most of what they watch. And Nielsen reported that the first three seconds of a video message account for 47 percent of the campaign?EU?s value -- 74 percent in the first 10 seconds.

Against that backdrop, Facebook is tweaking its video ad service to drive greater viewer satisfaction and brand value. It starts with automated captions. The company?EU?s research has revealed that consumers want the ability to opt...

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