Facebook Rolls Out Video Rights Manager To Curb Freebooting

Content owners who post original content to Facebook can now worry a little less about their material being used without authorization by others. Yesterday, the company announced a new tool, Rights Manager, that will curtail "freebooting," or the practice of taking original videos from Facebook and reposting them.

Rights Manager is built on video-matching technology that Facebook developed over the past year or so. The technology allows content owners to maintain libraries of protected clips, while a built-in dashboard lets them check for instances of identical videos being posted elsewhere. The dashboard can filter videos based on time, the dates posted or how many times they?EU?ve been viewed.

Once an infringing video is uncovered, the creator of the video can either request that the material be taken down immediately, or allow the clip to be reposted under certain conditions, such as being viewed on certain sites, a certain number of times or as an excerpt.

Works with Live Video

Facebook had previously responded to take-down requests by creators of original video content, but the process often took several days. The company is now promising to take action immediately -- even if the video being infringed is presented via its Facebook Live video stream.

"Video publishers and media companies can also provide reference streams of live content so that we can check live video on Facebook against those reference streams in real time," product manager Analisa Tamayo Keef and engineering manager Lior Ben-Kereth wrote on the company blog.

Publishers can upload content libraries and publish live videos to be used as references for Rights Manager to check against, including videos they are not sharing publicly on Facebook. Rights Manager then monitors for potential infringement of that content across Facebook.

The technology also lets content owners whitelist specific Pages or profiles to allow them to use their copyrighted content....

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