Facebook Rolls Out Separate Web Site for Messenger

The Facebook Messenger app familiar to users of the social networking site is now available as a standalone Web site service. Facebook launched Messenger.com, which still requires an active Facebook account to use, on Wednesday.

Why roll out a separate Web site for a service that is already easily accessible to Facebook users? By focusing on Messenger services only, the new site eliminates the other features of Facebook that can prove distracting, especially the time-eating News Feed.

"Once logged in, people can dive directly into a dedicated desktop messaging experience, keeping their conversations going and picking up where they left off," a Facebook spokesperson told us.

For now, the social networking giant reportedly has no plans to sever the online Messenger completely from its main site, as the Messenger service remains available via Facebook as well. Mobile Facebook users, on the other hand, must download a separate app to use Messenger on their cellphones and other portable devices.

New Ambitions Unveiled at F8

Facebook lifted the veil off its new Messenger ambitions during last month's F8 developers' conference in San Francisco. During that event, it announced the launch of both Messenger Platform and Messenger Business.

Messenger Business, which has its own page on the new Messenger Web site but has yet to formally launch, is designed to be a one-stop communication destination for companies looking to better engage with their customers. Once the service goes live, it will enable businesses to send information and updates in real time to customers throughout the browsing, buying, shipping and delivery processes.

Messenger Platform, meanwhile, will support a wide range of new apps for Messenger's estimated 600 million users. Aimed at providing new app opportunities for developers, Messenger Platform already features a slew of new communication-enhancing apps, from voice changers and meme generators to content from ESPN...

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