Facebook Rolls Out New Notes Interface To Get Users To Blog

Social media giant Facebook is trying to muscle its way into the blogging business with a redesigned interface for its Notes feature [Pictured. Previous version shown, at left]. Rumors of a potential revamp to Notes began to trickle out in the last few months, as some users noticed that the company had apparently started allowing some members to test aspects of the new design.

The company regularly experiments with changes by trying them out on a small group of users before making adjustments and adopting the changes across the platform. Among the changes to the feature is the ability to add a separate cover photo for each individual note. Users will also be able to caption and resize photos, and format text as headers, quotes, or bullets. The redesign also gives the feature the look and feel of a blogging platform, rather than just enabling very long status updates.

Finally Showing Notes Some Love

The company said the changes are geared toward making the Notes feature more attractive and customizable. EUFacebook has always been a place to share your thoughts with friends, and notes are a meaningful way for people to do that,EU said Isaac Salier-Hellendag, a Facebook user interface engineer, in a blog post announcing the new changes.

But despite Salier-HellendagEUs assertion, Notes has not been the most popular feature on Facebook, nor one that the company has shown much love. Facebook hasnEUt released a major update for the feature since 2010. Even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg hasn't posted any notes on it since 2009.

The company seems to be looking to the interface redesign to change that. The new formatting and layout features appear geared toward attracting users interested in using the feature as a micro-blogging platform. The redesign has drawn comparisons to the interface used by competing blogging platform...

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