Facebook Rolls Out 3 Open Source Tools for Mobile Developers

In a move sure to delight iOS and Android developers, Facebook has launched React-Native, an open source, cross-platform JavaScript framework for building mobile applications. Announced Thursday at the company's F8 developer conference, the framework is based on React, another open source JavaScript framework Facebook released two years ago to help developers build user interfaces for Web projects.

Similarly, React-Native is a framework for native environments that allows developers to build iOS and Android user interfaces with no browser or WebView involved. Facebook is hoping that by providing a cross-platform framework, it can reduce the inefficiencies developers face when developing apps native to individual mobile platforms.

Reducing Development Time

Ideally, this should help to reduce the time required to build native apps. Although developers will still have to make changes to their apps so they can work on separate platforms, React-Native will allow them to reuse large amounts of code from one app to another.

EUDifferent platforms have different looks, feels, and capabilities, and as such, we should still be developing discrete apps for each platform,EU Facebook wrote in a blog post announcing the launch. EUBut the same set of engineers should be able to build applications for whatever platform they choose, without needing to learn a fundamentally different set of technologies for each.EU

To distinguish React-NativeEUs cross-platform design philosophy from the EUwrite once, read anywhere,EU method, Facebook is describing the new framework as having a EUlearn once, write anywhereEU approach.

EUOne of the best parts about this approach is that we can adopt it incrementally, building new products on top of it or converting old products to use it whenever and wherever it makes sense,EU the company wrote on its blog. EUJust as we didn't need to rewrite all of Facebook.com in order to start using React in some places, we...

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