Facebook Messenger Rolls Out Group Calling

Social media giant Facebook is expecting businesses and individual users will find its new option for group phone calls easier to use than other VoIP (voice-over Internet protocol) services. In a Facebook post yesterday, David Marcus, the company's VP of Messaging Services, announced the launch of a group-calling feature that lets Messenger users simultaneously dial up to 50 other people over the Internet.

The free service is available to all Facebook users who have the most recent Android and iOS application updates. While the new feature can be used by individuals, Facebook is also including capabilities that make it attractive to businesses.

Facebook said arranging and executing a group conference call has never been easier or within the reach of more smartphone owners -- even those whose phone numbers the call initiators don't have on hand.

Courting Business?

In addition to initiating calls with numerous friends or family members family members and friends, users can also use the group-calling feature for work calls. In addition, companies on the Facebook for Work platform will probably find it convenient.

The feature also comes as Facebook has started to offer more ways for consumers to interact with businesses. The company recently rolled out Messenger Links, a feature that businesses can use to make it fast and easy for people to start message threads with them. Facebook also debuted Messenger Codes, unique codes that people can scan in using the cameras in their phones to open threads with businesses. The company also rolled out a suite of tools and updates to help Facebook users better connect with the businesses using the platform.

With the updated Messenger feature, a user can initiate group calls by tapping the Phone symbol in Messenger, then selecting the members to dial. Individual participants can be managed on the next screen.

Everyone the initiator...

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