Facebook Gets Tough on Online Video Piracy

Copyright owners just got a big gift from Facebook. The social media giant announced it will offer new tools to enable content owners to identify and remove unauthorized video content that is uploaded to the network without their permission.

Additionally, Facebook said it is working to improve the technology it uses to identify copyrighted material. The company is also making improvements to its existing reporting procedures to speed up the process of having offending videos removed from the site. The company said it will move to ban repeat offenders from returning to the site.

Rapid Video Growth

Facebook is somewhat late to the game when it comes to dealing with the problem of video privacy. The siteEUs focus on allowing users to share videos on their feeds is only about a year old, while YouTube has been in the video-sharing business for a decade.

Nevertheless, video content has grown quickly on the social network. Not only are users sharing content, but publishers and advertisers are also uploading video features as well. The rapid growth appears to have left Facebook a little flat-footed with regard to the issue of piracy.

EUWeEUve heard from some of our content partners that third parties too frequently misuse their content on Facebook,EU the company said in a recent blog post. EUThis practice has been called EUfreebooting,EU and itEUs not fair to those who work hard to create amazing videos.EU

Improving Old Tools, Developing New Ones

Facebook said that it already has several tools in place to combat the problem. For example, videos uploaded to the site are run through an audio fingerprinting system called Audible Magic, which uses sound to help identify and prevent unauthorized videos from making their way onto the platform.

Still, that hasnEUt been enough to appease the demands of irate content owners who have complained...

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