Facebook Eyeing Health ‘Community’

People frequently use Facebook to update friends and loved ones about health issues. Now Facebook is looking for a way to make health care an integral part of the social media site. Following on the heels of Samsung and Apple, Facebook is planning to create a group of online support communities that would connect Facebook users that suffer with various afflictions.

However, the online support communities are still in the conceptual stage, according to a Reuters report. During the past several months, Facebook has held meetings with medical industry experts and entrepreneurs, and will eventually set up a research and development unit to determine which health apps will be tested.

Also, Facebook has formed a separate team to study how preventative applications could help improve usersEU lifestyles. Those apps could include fitness and calorie trackers (similar to MyFitness Pal) or they might offer guidelines on nutrition, exercise and recommended food consumption.

New Users Wanted

The underlying reason for the new venture, naturally, is to bring new users to Facebook. Online communities have been shown to be valuable sources of support for people with health problems, and there are countless Web sites and forums that offer both advice and forums for patients to connect, but FacebookEUs hope is to create a dominant, consolidated version of those sites.

That wonEUt be easy, if only because of the glut of fitness and health sites and apps already out there. At Mobile World Congress 2014 WP Hong, SamsungEUs head of Electronics Media Solutions Center, cited research saying that 32 percent of mobile users are already using fitness apps, 31 percent of tablet users look up health-related information, and 25 percent of smartphone users track health, exercise and dieting data on their devices

One other catalyst for the move might be the surprise success of Facebook's "organ-donor status initiative" launched...

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