Facebook Enhances Conversion Lift Ad Tool

A new update for FacebookEUs Conversion Lift tool aims to make things a little easier for advertisers on the social networkEUs site. While the previous version compared audience members who were served ads and those who were not, the latest iteration will allow companies to compare multiple ads to see which are more effective.

The updated version of Conversion Lift is designed to help advertisers discover which ads perform best; whether brand and direct response ads work better than brand ads or direct response ads on their own; how effective mobile ads are; and whether ads focused on consumersEU lifestyles or the products are more powerful, according to Facebook.

No More Depending on Cookies

Facebook originally launched Conversion Lift in January as a way to help advertisers quantify exactly how much business was being driven by Facebook ads. At the time, the social network had pitched the tool as a better value metric than measuring click-through rates alone.

EUCounting clicks doesnEUt account for the value created by simply seeing an ad,EU the company said on its corporate blog in January. EUBy allowing advertisers to measure the impact of exposure to an ad, with consistency, across devices, conversion lift measurement offers a more holistic view of an adEUs performance.EU

Rather than relying on cookies to tie exposure to an advertisement with behavior, and then using clicks as a proxy for sales, conversion lift methods compare the behavior of a control group that doesn't see any ads with a randomized group that does. Information from the advertiser, such as point-of-sale data, is then combined with the audience data to determine how effective an advertising campaign is.

Measuring Offline Behavior

Just as the original goal of Conversion Lift was to better understand the value of ads run on Facebook in general, the latest upgrade promises...

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