Experian Hack Exposes Info on 15 Million T-Mobile Customers

T-Mobile is the latest in a long line of major companies to be hit with a data breach. Even though it wasnEUt directly the wireless carrier's fault, customers may still be victims of identity theft in the months ahead.

Experian, a vendor that processes T-MobileEUs credit applications, was hacked. Although the investigation is still underway, there is enough evidence to show that the hacker grabbed the records of about 15 million people. That batch includes new applicants requiring credit checks for service or device financing from September 1, 2013 through September 16, 2015.

EUIEUve always said that part of being the Un-carrier means telling it like it is,EU T-Mobile CEO John Legere wrote in a blog post. EUWhether itEUs good news or bad, IEUm going to be direct, transparent and honest.EU

Legere Is Incredibly Angry

According to Experian, the stolen data included names, dates of birth, addresses, encrypted Social Security numbers and/or alternative form of ID such as drivers' license numbers, as well as additional information used in T-Mobile's own credit assessment. No payment card or banking information was taken.

"We take privacy very seriously and we understand that this news is both stressful and frustrating. We sincerely apologize for the concern and stress that this event may cause," said Craig Boundy, chief executive officer, Experian North America. "That is why we're taking steps to provide protection and support to those affected by this incident and will continue to coordinate with law enforcement during its investigation."

This incident did not impact Experian's consumer credit database. Experian is notifying consumers who may be affected, and offering two years of credit monitoring and identity resolution services through ProtectMyID. That doesnEUt make Legere feel any better.

EUObviously I am incredibly angry about this data breach and we will institute a thorough review of our relationship with Experian, but...

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