Expect Future Pokemon Go Features To Bring New Temptations

Don't worry. You did not miss a chance to capture any special or legendary Pokemon by not attending the Pokemon Go presentation on Sunday at Comic-Con International in San Diego. Turns out not even the top executive of the company that developed the game has that power.

"If I could summon a Pokemon for you, I would," said Niantic CEO John Hanke when an audience member asked if there were any chance players would receive covetable rare Pokemon for attending the event.

That said, Comic-Con's decision to upgrade the Pokemon Go panel to Hall H was warranted -- the room was packed with fans who speckled the darkened room with light from their cellphone screens as they played the mobile game throughout the presentation.

Officially titled "Re-imagining Reality: Bringing Games Into the Real World With Ingress and Pokemon Go," this event marked the first occasion where a video game headlined a presentation in the convention center's hallowed Hall H.

As can be expected when any size group of Pokemon Go aficionados is assembled, the team rivalries were played up as the room cheered and booed for Teams Mystic or Valor.

And while Team Instinct may often be the butt of the joke on the Internet, turns out the yellow team can claim a VIP as one of their own -- Hanke himself is a member of the team.

During the presentation, Hanke discussed his affinity for augmented reality games over virtual reality -- the appeal being, of course, that AR games encourage players to get up and explore the world around them. And a majority of attendees answered in the affirmative when asked if playing Pokemon Go created opportunities for actual human interaction with other players in addition to physical exercise.

What fans did get for attending the Pokemon Go panel was a first look at the...

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