Even More Cybersecurity Predictions for 2016

Last week, we shared with you five cybersecurity predictions for 2016. If those were the only threats, they would be more than enough to keep CIOs and IT admins on the offense all year. But more concerns are on the horizon and must be addressed to ensure enterprise security and data security for the year ahead.

We turned to Brian Contos, chief security strategist and senior vice president of field engineering at Norse, which provides live-attack intelligence, to get his thoughts on what lies ahead in 2016. He offered us 10 predictions and key threats to keep top-of-mind.

We shared the first five last week: (1) there will be more attack types aimed at the Internet of Things (IoT); (2) a higher number of emerging countries will be used as pawns in cyberattacks; (3) industrial espionage will continue its rise; (4) new malware designs will emerge; and (5) cybercriminals will keep targeting industrial systems.

In addition, get ready for these next five cybersecurity challenges in the new year:

1. Tor Troubles

?EU?There will be a greater percentage of reconnaissance, attacks and exfiltration over Tor, anonymous proxies and related mechanisms for encrypted, anonymized communication,?EU? Contos told us. Tor Project is an anonymous browsing service. It was breached in 2014. Specifically, those relays appear to have been targeting people who operate or access the features of the browsing service. The attack essentially modified Tor protocol headers to do traffic confirmation attacks.

2. Incident Prevention

?EU?In the New Year, there will be a strong need to integrate incident prevention, detection and response for more rapid risk mitigation in the face of a growing volume of overall attacks,?EU? said Contos. This will ring true with companies that were breached and those that were not. Outmaneuvering the bad actors remains a constant challenge in the security world.

3. Lines Increasingly Opaque

?EU?The lines separating...

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