Enterprises Look to Hybrid Cloud for Transforming Operations

A growing number of enterprises believe hybrid cloud strategies will help bring their operations and customer service into the digital business era. However, many of them haven't yet mapped out their plans for achieving those goals, according to a recent analysis by EMC and VMware.

Released last week, "The State of IT Transformation" report draws on comments from more than 660 EMC and VMware customers across 18 industries. The analysis found that more than 90 percent of those enterprises believe it's important to have plans for IT transformation, although 55 percent have not yet documented their own roadmaps for change.

Companies from different industries are responding to the IT transformation challenge in dramatically different ways, according to the report. Businesses in healthcare, for example, see the greatest number of opportunities for improvement, while retailers are already leading in areas like desktop virtualization.

'More Validating Than Surprising'

"Our analysis of hundreds of EMC and VMware customers was more validating than surprising in that nearly every organization that participated shared with honesty, very common gaps and target goals to deliver IT services more efficiently as the best way to help enable their organizations better compete as full-fledged digital businesses," Kevin Roche, EMC's president of global services, said in a statement.

The report "shows that organizations in a variety of global, vertical industries can benefit from the implementation of a robust IT service strategy, powered by software-defined technologies," added Loretta Brown, vice president of Federation for VMware.

The report's executive summary noted that the customers surveyed have demonstrated "admirable improvement" from lower levels of IT just a few years ago, although some sectors like telecommunications and retail have advanced more slowly than other industries.

"The area where most organizations want to improve is in service strategy," the report stated. "They want to run IT like a customer-focused business. They want...

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