Enghouse Helps Partner Colorado Credit Union Boost Service

Enghouse Interactive, a leading developer of a comprehensive portfolio of contact center software and services, today announced its latest success story, Partner Colorado Credit Union. This success further demonstrates its ability to deliver effective customer communications for credit unions across the US. Partner Colorado, a member-owned not-for-profit cooperative with total assets exceeding $350 million, serves more than 31,000 members throughout the Denver metro area.

Credit unions face unprecedented challenges today not only from banks but also from state and national trade associations that are aggressively campaigning against the member-first institutions. Faced with such daunting challenges, credit unions must leverage advanced customer interaction solutions to enable seamless, consistent experiences for members on any device or communications medium.

Like many financial institutions, Partner Colorado was hamstrung by legacy contact center technology that hindered its ability to collaborate with internal and external stakeholders. The incumbent platform's impact on service levels was evident, and its inherent obsolescence monopolized the time of internal IT who were inundated with daily requests for support, and the need to develop "workarounds" for problems -- just to maintain daily operations.

Recognizing the need for change, the credit union sought a single solution that could boost operational efficiency, improve service, and deepen member relationships. Not only did Enghouse Interactive's portfolio check each of these boxes, the award-winning contact center provider also provided the expertise and support to make a meaningful impact on Partner Colorado's bottom line. By selecting Enghouse Interactive Communications Center (CC) and Quality Management Suite (QMS), Partner Colorado Credit Union found a solution that was intuitive, highly functional, reliable and that provided detailed insight and visibility into each touchpoint of the member experience.

Important to note, is that with more than 40 credit union customers, Enghouse brought a proven track record...

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