EMC Federation Builds Powerhouse Data Lake

The EMC Federation Monday took the lid off the Federation Business Data Lake, a solution that combines storage and big data analytics tech from VMware, Pivotal and EMC Information Infrastructure. EMC Federation thinks it can help customers discover insights to make better business decisions.

The Federation Business Data Lake promises to simplify building a data lake. In fact, EMC said companies could deploy the technology in as little as seven days. ThatEUs a tall promise but one that could be a game changer for companies that want to realize the growing potential of big data.

"Nearly every traditional business model faces near-term, lasting disruption,EU said Josh Kahn, Senior Vice President of Global Solutions at EMC. EUThe fast track to competitive advantage will be reserved for those able to quickly embrace and yield value from the massive growth in data, but it will take a new approach.EU

A Disruptive Lake?

The growth of data from both traditional and modern applications, sensors and intelligent devices -- as well as the masses of new public data such as social media feeds -- is driving big data growth. Inexpensive storage and limitless compute combined with technology that makes possible real-time and direct connections to action through new apps and products makes capturing and processing data a reality.

The Federation Business Data Lake taps all these elements. EMC said business data lakes -- containing structured and unstructured data from a plethora of sources with analytics focused on building models to predict the future -- are becoming a top corporate priority because they fill a critical gap traditional data warehousing leaves behind. Companies with successful data lakes are tapping into data and predictive models to build new business models, apps and products.

"As the number of connected devices continues to soar, the world of digital business is disrupting traditional business models....

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