EBay’s Security Chief Cites Evolving Cyberthreats

It seems there's nowhere to hide these days from cyberattacks. Major breaches have exposed critical data at banks, retailers, health care providers and the government, as evidenced by word this month that hackers compromised personal information of at least 4 million current and former federal employees.

Faced with a constant barrage of cyberattacks, it's key to stay on top of the latest threats to learn about potential vulnerabilities and effective defenses, says Rick Orloff (seen here), the head of security at e-commerce company eBay Inc. Not only must companies protect the traditional layers of security infrastructure, these days it's key to become more sophisticated in detecting attacks and attributing them to the correct source, he said.

And while cybersecurity is critically important for every company, it's particularly so for those that handle consumers' information like eBay, which is responsible for safeguarding sensitive financial information for 25 million sellers and 157 million buyers on its online marketplaces.

The San Jose, California, company has dealt with data breaches before, asking 145 million users to change their passwords following a data breach in the spring of 2014. Orloff, 53, a former private investigator, joined eBay Inc. from Apple Inc. last August, just three months after the breach. He said while that breach has been addressed, the eBay is always looking for ways to improve their security. Since the breach he was worked on creating a war room for the company's security staff and communicating with other companies about cyberthreats.

He spoke with The Associated Press about his top priorities as security chief and the latest thinking on cybersecurity. Below are excerpts of the conversation, edited for length and clarity.

Q: How have the recent high profile data breaches affected what you do?

A: What eBay and other companies are doing, we have teams that actually go and inspect other...

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