Dropbox Updates Android App with Material Design UI

Cloud storage provider Dropbox on Tuesday released a new redesign for its Android application aimed at streamlining the process of sharing files and uploading folders. The new Dropbox for Android is also meant to be more attractive and more functional for mobile users.

The new Dropbox 3.0 can be downloaded from Google Play as soon as itEUs available, which Dropbox said will be this week. The redesigned Android app boasts a makeover of the user interface that users say is somewhat more seamless than its previous versions.

The new app also includes a new spot for the Dropbox search function -- itEUs now on the top of the appEUs interface, which might be handy for users who have to quickly sift through a number of large files. The search icon in the top menu is always available, letting users find files across the app as well as content within documents.

Better and Faster

Dropbox said the redesign, which follows GoogleEUs Material Design mantra, is also "better, faster, and more usable." The new version also makes browsing within the app easier, with navigation functions through folders a simple matter of swiping left or right.

The ability to share controls and perform common file actions such as favoriting, moving and renaming are centered in the same spot across the app, the info pane -- whether a user is in a file list or is previewing a document or photo. The file list now also shows file and folder locations, modification dates, and shared folder members.

Bridging Mobile and Desktop

The update comes as DropboxEUs mobile presence remains a work in progress after it shifted from its original model of sharing files across multiple devices. The next step for the company is trying to find the common ground between user behavior on mobile devices and on desktops.


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