Dropbox Unveils Team Feature To Make Collaboration Easier

A new team feature for easier collaboration on Dropbox is rolling out to both Basic and Pro users over the coming week, the company said Monday. The feature, available today, is designed for the more than 60 percent of users who primarily employ Dropbox for work.

Among the new collaboration tools is a team folder option that creates a single, centralized location for members of a work group to "meet" and share documents online. Each team member will have automatic access to any new files added to that team folder.

Dropbox's new team feature also enables users to create groups within work teams, and to add new members to those groups at any time. Adding new members automatically gives them access to all the documents in that group's folders.

'Important Distinctions' from Sharing

The team feature is "a new way to get everyone at your company working together on Dropbox," said Dropbox product manager Pranav Piyush on the company's blog yesterday.

Dropbox's business users have already had the option of sharing documents online using either shared or team folders. However, "there are some important distinctions, and specific cases where one is a better option than the other," the company noted.

While content is synced for users in both cases, the team option provides default access to all designated members of a team; with shared folders, users must manually invite each new team member. The business team feature also gives more control to designated team admins, who are the only users who can create team folders. Other users can't share the content of team folders with people outside the team.

Enterprise-Class Features without Waiting for IT

The new service indicates that "Dropbox is beginning to offer enterprise-class features in an easily consumable format to end users working as teams without worrying about waiting for IT to...

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