Does Your iPhone Suffer from So-Called ‘Touch Disease’?

An increasing number of iPhone users are reporting an issue with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus phones freezing up and becoming unresponsive to touch.

The issue even has a deadly sounding name: "Touch disease."

There are a lot of iPhones out there, so a problem that affects a fraction of a percent of devices could potentially impact thousands of users. But there's some evidence that this particular issue is fairly widespread.

Apple has never officially acknowledged the problem, but independent iPhone repair vendors and Apple Store technicians have said that it is easily one of the most common issues that people need to fix. In August and September, customers in California and Canada have filed proposed class action suits over it.

Is your iPhone 6 Plus on the fritz? Here's what you need to know about "touch disease."

How can I tell if my phone has touch disease?

The most visible symptom is a flickering grey bar at the top of your screen. But the flickering screen isn't the only symptom. Frequently, users report that after the grey bar starts flickering, the screen becomes intermittently unresponsive across the entire display.

What phones are affected?

By far, the most commonly affected model is the iPhone 6 Plus that first went on sale in 2014.

One of the most common theories behind "touch disease" is that certain contacts inside the phone are bending, which leads to them breaking. The theory goes, the iPhone 6 Plus had the most complaints about bent phones, so it's the one that's having the most issues with touch disease.

The issue has been reported in the iPhone 6, iPhone 6S ,and iPhone 6S Plus as well, but at lower rates.

How much does it cost to get fixed?

If you're out of warranty, Apple will quote you a $329 replacement cost.

However, Motherboard talked to some current and former...

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