Does OnePlus 2 Equal Value for the Money?

Whatever faults OnePlus might have, false modesty is certainly not among them. Dubbing its latest smartphone a EUflagship killer,EU OnePlus has begun offering invites to users to purchase its OnePlus 2 device.

The phone, which runs the proprietary OxygenOS based on Android 5.1, features a 5.5-inch display and starts at $329 for the 16 GB model.

The low price is probably part of the reason OnePlus feels justified calling the device a flagship killer. The OnePlus 2 boasts specs similar to other topline phones such as the iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S6, which both retail for more than $600.

A Few Bumps in the Road

The Chinese company behind the OnePlus device is little known compared to handset heavyweights like Apple and Samsung. But its inaugural smartphone, the OnePlus One, managed to make headlines last year by offering users a premium handset experience at almost half the cost of its rivals.

ThatEUs not to say the little smartphone that could hasnEUt faced some bumps along the road. An ugly breakup with its partner Cyanogen left it without a provider for its Android ROM (read-only memory). OnePlus responded by developing the Android-based OxygenOS, a lightweight operating system that promised to forgo feature creep to remain agile relative to other systems suffering from EUbloatwareEU that canEUt be deleted.

However, the OnePlus 2 hasn't been trouble free. Issues with the company's production schedule have caused it to delay shipping handsets to North American customers for several weeks. The company had originally been expected to start shipping to the U.S. and Canada on August 11, the same day as to European customers.

Not Winning the Beauty Pageant

The company has already registered more than two million reservations for the phone, up from 1.5 million units of the OnePlus One sold last year. Like other high-end smartphone...

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