Do You Want To Star in Google Ads, Without Permission?

How would you feel about appearing in ads on Google? A new feature called "Shared Endorsements" [has been unveiled by the search giant], giving Google the right to feature your face and public comments from YouTube, Blogger, Google Play, Google+ or other Google properties in display ads on the Google network.

If the thought seems jarring, consider that Google has been doing something similar for the past three years -- your "+1" endorsements on the Google+ social network (its version of Facebook's "Like" button) have been compiled into Google ads, with your image.

With Shared Endorsements, Google is upping it a notch by pulling out your quote and combining it with a photo endorsement.

The fine print says this applies currently just to the folks who have activated their accounts with Google+, the social network that has more than 540 million members.

However, Google pushes G+ hard -- so much so that even if you don't use the service, you may still be part of the network.

If you want to leave comments on Google's Blogger -- you need to activate your G+ account first, and you'll have to do that soon for YouTube as well.

Google gave users four weeks warning of the pending Shared Endorsements change, and offered links to opt out.

Greg Sterling, a senior analyst with Opus Research, says Google's public efforts will be duly noted by regulatory agencies, but that most folks probably have missed the alerts because they routinely ignore such things.

"Most people just won't click through and take action," he says. "Still, there's sure to be a big outcry over this once people start seeing the ads."

Already, Sen. Ed Markey, D-Mass., has asked the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Shared Endorsements citing privacy concerns.

When Facebook launched its efforts in 2011 to put users reviews and comments into ads as...

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