Do All Signs Point To Sale of Yahoo’s Internet Assets?

Is Yahoo about to sell itself? For all the speculation over CEO Marissa Mayer getting fired, a new wave of rumors is suggesting she may lead the Internet giant into the next journey of its evolution: a new owner.

Mayer (pictured) is taking a hit for Yahoo?EU?s less-than-stellar stock market performance. The company?EU?s stock is down more than 30 percent this year and her move to make investors happy by selling its stake in Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba may not pan out in the end -- or at least not quickly enough to save her skin.

While some are calling for her resignation, others argue that she has done the best she could with what she inherited. Mayer did bring to the company a renewed focus on product innovation and driving user experience and advertising. But ultimately it may not be enough to preserve the company?EU?s independence.

Who Might Buy Yahoo?

According to news reports, Yahoo?EU?s board is meeting this week to talk about selling off some of its core assets. These supposed early stage discussions may result in the company putting Yahoo Mail, its many media properties and its advertising business up for grabs. That would leave it with the Alibaba stake and Yahoo Japan, which is a joint venture with SoftBank Group of Japan. SoftBank also owns Sprint.

Yahoo?EU?s stake in Yahoo Japan is worth $8.5 billion and its 15 percent stake in Alibaba is worth about $32 billion. Selling off or spinning off those assets could put plenty of cash in Yahoo?EU?s pocket that could allow the company to make another push with its U.S. operations. Yahoo could not immediately be reached for comment about the rumors.

The Wall Street Journal cited potential suitors for Yahoo?EU?s Internet assets. Among them are Verizon Communications and IAC/Interactive Corp. Verizon has demonstrated its appetite for big...

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