DNC Emails Hacked by Russia After Aide Made Typo, Investigation Finds

Russian hackers were able to access thousands of emails from the US Democratic National Committee after an aide typed the word ?EU?legitimate?EU? instead of ?EU?illegitimate?EU? by mistake, an investigation by the New York Times has found.

The revelation gives further credence to the CIA?EU?s finding last week that the Kremlin deliberately intervened in the US presidential election to help Donald Trump. The president-elect has angrily denied the CIA?EU?s assessment, calling it ?EU?ridiculous.?EU?

In the run-up to the election, the DNC received numerous phishing emails, the paper reported on Tuesday. One of them was sent to John Podesta, the chairman of Hillary Clinton?EU?s campaign. An aide, Charles Delavan, spotted the message sent to Podesta?EU?s private account. It asked Podesta to change his password.

Delavan realized the email was a phishing attack and forwarded it to a computer technician. However, he made a typo, writing: ?EU?This is a legitimate email.?EU? He added: ?EU?John needs to change his password immediately.?EU?

The blunder gave Kremlin hackers access to about 60,000 emails in Podesta?EU?s private Gmail account. According to US intelligence officials, Moscow then gave the email cache to WikiLeaks. The website released them in October, and the email scandal dominated the news cycle and was exploited by Trump.

The FBI had known for some time that Russia was making a wide-ranging and systematic attempt to hack US political institutions including the White House and the State Department, the paper reported. In September 2015 the FBI discovered that a cyber-espionage team linked to the Russian government had penetrated the DNC.

But instead of sending a top-level delegation and raising the alarm, the FBI got a single special agent to make a phone call. The agent, Adrian Hawkins, rang the DNC and was put through to the IT helpdesk. He told the tech-support contractor on duty, Yared Tamene, that a group...

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