Did North Korea Hack Sony’s Systems?

While speculation continues about North KoreaEUs role in hacking Sony Pictures EntertainmentEUs computer systems, details are trickling out about what the hackers stole. The Communist nation refuses to deny responsibility for the hack, and reports are emerging that co-directors of the film EUThe InterviewEU knew about the risk.

Sony PicturesEU systems went down last week in the wake of reported hack attacks. Before the shut down, a message on SonyEUs internal computer screens read EUHacked By #GOP,EU according to the Los Angeles Times. The Times reported the acronym stands for EUGuardians of Peace.EU The message also offered a list of threats, and told Sony it had EUsecretsEU the hackers would release if the company didn't EUobey.EU

Fox News cites the FBI as its source in a report that suggests the malware was written in Korean. The studioEUs upcoming film, EUThe InterviewEU apparently outraged the Communist government with a story line in which journalists were enlisted to assassinate director Kim Jong-un, according to Fox. But the hackers may have done more than release movies to the masses.

Employee Data Stolen

Brian Krebs of KrebsonSecurity points to multiple sources reporting intruders also stole over 25 GB of sensitive data on tens of thousands of Sony employees. That data reportedly includes Social Security numbers, medical and salary information.

EUWhatEUs more, itEUs beginning to look like the attackers may have destroyed data on an unknown number of internal Sony systems,EU Krebs said on his blog. EUSeveral files being traded on torrent networks seen by this author include a global Sony employee list, a Microsoft Excel file that includes the name, location, employee ID, network username, base salary and date of birth for more than 6,800 individuals.EU

So far, Sony is not commenting on this aspect of the story. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on Monday night issued...

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