Demisto’s SOAR Platform Honored by Info Security Products Guide

CUPERTINO, Calif., March 13, 2018 -- Demisto, an innovator in Security Automation and Orchestration and Response technology, today announced that Info Security Products Guide, the industry's leading information security research and advisory guide, has named its Security Operations Platform as a Gold Winner in the 14th Annual 2018 Info Security PG's Global Excellence Awards®. Demisto took top honors in the Most Innovative Security Product (Software) of the Year Awards Category for companies with less than 100 employees.

These prestigious global awards recognize cybersecurity and information technology vendors with advanced ground-breaking products, solutions, and services that are helping set the bar higher for others in all areas of security and technologies.

Demisto Enterprise integrates with more than 160 security products and enables organizations to build playbooks for different security operations. By integrating other security products with Demisto, users can orchestrate actions across a suite of products in one window, automate response actions through playbooks, and run live security commands from a collaboration interface to remediate threats. All of which can reduce mean time to response (MTTR) for security incidents and maximize ROI for the user company's entire security product investment. In addition, the case management and machine learning capabilities help security teams save resources and time while enforcing rigor and process to incident response. Demisto helps future-proof security operation centers (SOCs).

?EU?We are pleased to be recognized as having the industry's most innovative security software product of the year by Info Security Products Guide,?EU? said Rishi Bhargava, Demisto co-founder and VP of Marketing. ?EU?Our most recent security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) innovations enable SOC analysts to better understand the metrics and trends of collected incident data from their networks to most effectively respond to potential security issues. The industry turns to Demisto, including a number of Fortune 500 companies, to address not only...

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