Dell Latitude 7285: the World’s First Wireless Charging Laptop

CES 2017 ended yesterday, leaving us with an enormous number of new developments to get excited about in 2017, including new virtual reality tools, new chips from Intel and AMD, and some glimpses at the way deep learning and big data applications will evolve over the next year.

One of the innovations unveiled at the event that's generating a lot of buzz is Dell's new Latitude 7285 (pictured above), a 2-in-1 laptop/tablet combo that can recharge itself wirelessly. The device uses WiTricity magnetic resonance wireless charging technology to recharge itself when placed on a charging mat.

World?EU?s First Wireless Charging Laptop

"Wireless connectivity has been widespread in notebooks for years, but there?EU?s one wire that has always remained in the equation -- the power cord," the company said in a statement detailing some of its new devices.

When combined with a charging mat and WiGig wireless dock, users can take their Latitude 2-in-1s with them without disengaging any wires. "When they return to their desk and set the 2-in-1 on the charging mat, it begins charging, automatically reconnects to the WiGig dock and content appears on the external display," the company said.

The 7285 model is only one of several models in Dell?EU?s Latitude line of ultrabooks and notebooks targeted toward professionals. The company also announced that the entire line is being upgraded with 7th-generation Intel Core processors, USB-C connectors with Thunderbolt 3 connectivity options and updated professional graphics from Nvidia and AMD.

The company was light on details about the Latitude 7285, including how much it will cost and when we can expect to see it come to market. But Dell said more information will be forthcoming during its Dell EMC World event in May.

The Most Secure 2-in-1

While the wireless recharging capabilities of the 7285 certainly generated some headlines, it...

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