Dell EMC’s NetWorker Protects Enterprise Apps Running on AWS

Tech behemoth Dell EMC launched a new service to protect enterprise applications running on Amazon Web Services (AWS) yesterday called NetWorker. The company said the service will provide a complete enterprise-grade backup solution for those apps.

In addition, NetWorker will run completely self-contained within an AWS environment and it will include client-side optimized backups, inline de-duplication, encryption, and compression with backup directly to Amazon S3.

?EU?The availability of Dell EMC NetWorker with CloudBoost on AWS is a particularly exciting announcement for all of the customers who have come to depend on Dell EMC solutions for data protection in their on-premises environments,?EU? said Bill Vass, vice president, technology, Amazon Web Services Inc., in a statement. ?EU?Now these customers can get the same data protection experience on AWS, providing seamless operational backup and recovery, and long-term retention across all of their environments.?EU?

Pushing Technology as a Service

The company described its new protection service as part of its strategy to help business transform their operations to a technology-as-a-service model through the use of cloud technologies.

?EU?Through innovative products, services and partnerships, Dell EMC accelerates the journey to the cloud, helping IT departments to manage, protect and analyze their most valuable asset -- information -- in a more agile, trusted and cost-efficient way,?EU? the company said in a statement.

NetWorker can enable both new and existing enterprise customers to leverage Amazon S3 and Amazon S3 Standard-Infrequent Access (Standard-IA) designed to protect their AWS workloads using familiar tools and interfaces available within their on-premises environments, according to Dell EMC.

Dell EMC said that a single environment powered by NetWorker can span use cases, including extending on-premises data protection to the cloud for long-term retention, direct-to-cloud data protection, and in-the-cloud data protection where all components -- backup clients, NetWorker components, and CloudBoost appliance -- are fully supported to run on...

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