Days After OS X Yosemite Update, Apple Releases a Second

Five weeks after launching its OS X Yosemite operating system, Apple has released an updated version: OS X Yosemite 10.10.2 (14C68k). This second beta version comes swiftly on the heels of the first, which was made available Monday but didn't seem to address some of the issues with Wi-Fi that were plaguing users and developers.

Since OS X Yosemite made its debut on Oct. 16, community members on Apple's support forums have identified a number of bugs associated with the release. One of the most commonly named problems was unstable Wi-Fi connectivity, with many early adopters reporting regularly dropped or even completely lost connections.

Such complaints continued after Apple released its 10.10.1 update on Monday. It's unclear yet whether this second beta version will resolve the earlier Wi-Fi problems.

'Put Down the Watch'

OS X Yosemite users have welcomed the quick arrival of 10.10.2 on the various Apple and Mac forums. However, forum members have also reported ongoing issues with this latest release.

A post on MacRumors, for example, noted that the new beta appeared to cause crashes of the most recent version of Google's Chrome browser, adding that the issue seemed "related to the trackpad" and did not arise when an external mouse was used. Users with Retina iMacs were also reported to be experiencing "display issues" with 10.10.2.

Some on the Apple forums said they were taking the ongoing problems with OS X Yosemite in stride, as bugs are to be expected in any beta releases. Others, though, expressed frustration with the quality of this latest OS, with one commenter writing, "I suggest that Apple needs to focus intensely on quality." Another, presumably referring to the soon-to-be-released Apple Watch, stated, "Apple needs to put down the watch and take care of all their Mac users."

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