Cybersecurity on Tap at RSA Conference in San Francisco

The annual RSA Conference running now through Friday at San FranciscoEUs Moscone Center is bringing together the top information security professionals and business leaders to talk about the most pressing cybersecurity trends and the best strategies for tackling current and future threats.

Organizers were expecting about 30,000 attendees at various times, with thousands more watching select events on streamed video.

The conference was to start with a keynote by RSA President Amit Yoran, followed by another later in the day by Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson. On Monday, the Cloud Security Alliance held its CSA Summit, focusing on enterprise cloud adoption and security lessons learned. Also on Monday, the Trusted Computing Group had its panel discussion on mobile computing, Internet of Things, and cloud security.

Challenging the Status Quo

"This year, the spotlight has been on cybersecurity more than ever. From massive breaches to the announcement of President ObamaEUs new cybersecurity initiatives, the information security industry certainly has a lot to talk about," said Linda Gray, general manager of the RSA Conference. "Over the course of the conference, weEUll be challenging the status quo of thoughts and procedures, and we will come up with new ways to secure our digital future."

Predictive security, for both onsite and mobile systems, will most likely be a prominent theme at this yearEUs conference, according to observers. Another hot topic at the conference is likely to be the security of the Internet of Things. The physical objects in that category are more and more frequently becoming networked so users can more easily control them from a distance. Anything connected to a network is potentially vulnerable to a hackerEUs takeover, however, which means enhanced security will be an ongoing topic of conversation.

Throughout the week, the conference will host sessions including License to Kill: Malware Hunting with the Sysinternals...

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