Crucial Launches Next-Gen, Low-Cost BX200 SSD

ItEUs a high-end solid state drive (SSD) at a low-end price -- and it could make waves in a competitive SSD market that includes Toshiba, Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix. ItEUs the new Crucial BX200 SSD.

The new BX200 SSD allows users to load applications in seconds, boot up almost instantly, and accelerate everyday applications, the company said. Small businesses and consumers can leverage the Crucial BX200 to amp up memory on machines that are already at upper RAM limits. Compared to a standard hard drive, that means significant performance gains that donEUt break the bank.

Jonathan Weech, senior worldwide product manager at Crucial, is aiming the BX200 SSD at small businesses and consumers whose computers are slowed down by old or inadequate hard drives. But can this value-oriented SSD really get the job done?

Price vs. Performance

In the past, users have had to choose price over performance but Crucial appears to be offering the best of both worlds. The specs and pricing on the BX200 seem to be compelling.

For starters, the BX200 offers sequential read and write speeds up to 540 MB/s and 490 MB/s respectively on all types of data. ThatEUs plenty fast but add to that random read and write speeds up to 66k and 78k IOPS respectively, and consumers and small business owners may want to take a second look.

Comparing the BX200 to standard hard drives is telling. Based on comparative benchmark scores of the SSD and the Western Digital Caviar Blue WD10EZEK internal hard drive, CrucialEUs new offering is more than 13 times faster and 40 times more energy efficient. The result: near instant access to data that drives longer battery life and a cooler, quieter system, according to the company.

The BX200 SSD taps into a Silicon Motion SM2256 Controller. ThatEUs one ingredient of its secret sauce,...

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