Could New Acquisitions Make Siri Smarter?

ThereEUs been plenty of talk about how Siri is improving, but new acquisitions could give a more accurate voice to the digital assistant. Apple has reportedly acquired Perceptio and VocalIQ.

Perceptio is a startup that is developing technology that would allow companies to run advanced artificial intelligence systems on iPhones while guarding privacy. In a separate deal, Apple snapped up VocalIQ, a United Kingdom-based startup that is developing ways to improve a computerEUs ability to not only discern the words we speak into it but speak more naturally.

Apple was not immediately available for comment but it did confirm the acquisitions in public statements. Financial terms of the deals were not disclosed. Although it's not yet apparent how much these acquisitions could help Apple compete against Google and Microsoft on the voice recognition front, the company seems to be moving in the right direction.

New and Improved

We asked Greg Sterling, vice president of strategy and insight at the Local Search Association, to get his thoughts on AppleEUs buys. He told us Siri currently lags behind both Google Now and Microsoft's Cortana in several respects because of its lack of data.

EUI think [these] acquisition[s] could potentially help Apple close that gap, and make Siri much more useful as a holistic assistant versus simply a voice dictation or speech to text tool," Sterling said.

Apple has been working to improve Siri, which has been known to scramble plenty of words. The version of AppleEUs mobile operating system that debuted in September, iOS 9, promised to make iOS devices more intelligent and proactive with new search and better Siri features without sacrificing user privacy.

EUSiri can do more than ever and new proactive assistance helps you get more done before you ask,EU said Craig Federighi, senior vice president of software engineering at Apple, in a statement.

Evolving Movement


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