Couchbase 4.0 Is Getting a Big Makeover

The next major release of Couchbase's NoSQL database software will feature three key updates: "multi-dimensional scaling," SQL for Documents and a new storage engine that can execute multiple reads and writes at the same time. According to the Mountain View, California-based company, Couchbase Server 4.0 will deliver the combined strengths of a relational database and a NoSQL database.

Set to ship this summer, Couchbase Server 4.0 will enable users to separate, isolate and scale individual database services such as queries, indexes and data. By specifying how resources are to be allocated based on the service needed, users will be able to optimize hardware workloads for better performance.

The addition of SQL for Documents will make it easier for developers to transition to a NoSQL database using their knowledge of SQL and data modeling, Couchbase said. With SQL for Documents, users can query Couchbase Server 4.0 with a variety of tools, including standard database drivers, APIs or enterprise business intelligence and reporting applications.

No 'One-Size-Fits-All' Approach

Multi-dimensional scaling "re imagines and redefines" how enterprises can scale a distributed database, said Senior Product Marketing Manager Shane Johnson.

"Multi-Dimensional Scaling enables us to eliminate resource contention by running different services on different nodes," Johnson wrote Monday in a blog post. "When queries are executed on separate nodes, there's no CPU contention between queries and reads or writes. When indexes are stored on separate nodes, there's no disk IO contention between indexes and reads or writes."

That helps to improve application performance and reduce cost, according to Couchbase.

"Unlike MongoDB, Oracle, Cassandra, and other databases that have a limiting 'one size fits all' approach to scaling, Couchbase is enabling organizations to precisely provision hardware to meet application performance requirements," said CEO Bob Wiederhold. "With Multi-Dimensional Scaling, enterprises can independently assign and scale the index, query and...

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