Connected Data Challenges Cloud Storage Leaders

Connected Data, the creator of Transporter, the world's first peer-to-peer private cloud storage platform, releases new features that simplify file syncing and sharing for multi-computer and mobile device households and businesses, and position Transporter as a more cost-effective and private alternative to traditional cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Box.

The release of Camera Upload, Special Folders, Selective Sync and Library on Transporter Sync incorporates customer feedback and demonstrates the company's commitment to create the best possible user experience and become the industry standard for private cloud storage.

"People have enough decisions to make without having to spend time sifting through photos, videos and documents to determine which ones they can afford to protect in the cloud," said Jim Sherhart, Vice President of Marketing at Connected Data. "Transporter makes this simple with an inexpensive 'buy and own' platform that provides terabytes of capacity -- more than enough space to protect all of their valuable files. This means they never have to worry about limited capacity or escalating monthly fees associated with traditional cloud storage."

New Transporter features include: Automatically Protect Memories Taken on Mobile Devices: Photos and videos on smartphones and tablets automatically sync to the Transporter with the new Camera Upload feature. Simple and easy-to-use, once the mobile device connects to the user's preferred network, photos begin to sync. Unlike other solutions that can quickly become expensive, Transporter offers terabytes of space with no monthly fees. Store and Sync the Data You Want and Save It Where It's Convenient for You: Now Transporter can automatically sync your standard Mac and Windows content folders, such as Desktop, Documents, Pictures, Movies and Music, between all your devices.

The Transporter Special Folders feature eliminates the headache of forcing users to store data in a specific folder. Now users can simply check a box and...

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