Confirmed: It’s Windows 9, and It Will Be Unveiled Tuesday

So, apparently it's called Windows 9. Alain Crozier, the president of Microsoft France, inadvertently revealed that a Microsoft event planned for Tuesday, September 30, will be to unveil Microsoft Windows 9. The revelation came during a press conference in France, when Crozier said Windows 9 would be discussed at the upcoming event.

"Last year, we were with a Windows 8 release....In a few days we will release our new OS, Windows 9," Crozier told reporters.

The name of the new operating system wasn't a great surprise to anyone, but Crozier was the first Microsoft executive to utter the name publicly.

Previously, the official line from Microsoft regarding the Sept. 30 event was that it was about looking into "what's next for Windows, [including] information geared toward technical and enterprise customers."

Later, Microsoft spokespeople told that there isn't an official name yet for the new OS, which has been code-named Threshold.

What's Old Is New

As for what will be different about the new OS, many are expecting that the theme will be undoing many of the irksome changes made to Windows 8 for desktop users. For one thing, Windows users are speculating that the standard Start menu in the left-hand corner of the screen will return with Windows 9. Many users didn't like the replacement of the classic Start-button menu with a grid of tiles representing applications in Windows 8.

The name change could be indicative of a new direction for Microsoft. The company seems to be moving away from its former primary focus on Windows and PCs, which was driven by previous Chief Executive Officer Steve Ballmer. New CEO Satya Nadella seems to be placing a greater emphasis on selling services across all devices.

Recent online reports, which Microsoft has not disputed, say the Start-button menu will return in the next rendition of Windows, along...

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